Pocket Change is a Flask-based web front end for the Sneeze test reporting infrastructure. It allows users to view results of tests.

Installation and Quickstart

Install Pocket Change with pip: pip install pocket-change. This will get you all the dependencies, though you’ll probably also want pocket. For that: pip install sneeze-pocket.

After installation, you must create a config file. It should be formatted like a Flask config file (KEY = ‘VALUE’) and contain the following values:

  • SQLALCHEMY_DATABASE_URI - A SQLAlchemy formatted connection string for the reporting DB
  • APP_HOST - The URL for the Pocket Change host. The Pocket Change server must be discoverable and reachable at this URL from all test running and GUI using clients, as well as from the server itself.
  • APP_PORT - The port on which the Pocket Change application is available.
  • SECRET_KEY - Encryption key used by Flask.

Note that other plugins may expose or require other configuration values.

Once the configuration file is created, create an environment variable called POCKET_CHANGE_CONFIG and set it to the path to the config file.

Now, you should be able to launch the app in your WSGI container of choice (or start the dev server by running python pocket_change/ from the command line).

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